Original Insaan Greenz Detox Fiber / 赢升肠清素 / 从肠计议,肠保年轻 (13g x 20 sachets)
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What is GREENZ?

GREENZ is a unique fiber formulation that helps to detoxify and cleanse our intestines. It not only contains the essences of 20 types of fruits and vegetables, but also probiotics, prebiotics and other intestinal-friendly ingredients. By feeding the right nutrients to the intestines, it can effectively restore the colon.



- Soften stools & eliminate debris

- Bulks up the stools & smoothens passing of stools

- Improves bowel movement

- Balances the ecology of the microflora

- Food for the probiotics

- Absorbs & eliminates oily waste in the intestines

- Promotes food digestion & absorption

- Increases alertness

- Strengthens muscle tone for better bowel movement

- Anti-bacterial effect

13g x 20 sachet



GREENZ是一种可帮助清除肠垢、#排出肠毒 的独特纤维配方。它不但含20种蔬果精华,同时也具有益菌、益菌素等,提供正确的养分于肠道,更有效的#改善肠道 。

其功能如下: #成分 / •功效:

# 20种蔬果精华、糙米糠、车前子(水溶性和非水溶性#纤维

• 软化粪便,排除沉积的宿便

• 增加便量,促进排便 #益菌 • 促进肠道蠕动 • 改善肠道微生态平衡

# 益菌素

• 是益菌的食物,可增加益菌的菌量

# Neopuntia®

#仙人掌纤维精华 • 吸附黏在肠道的油分子 (去除肠垢) #Chlorozyme™

• 促进食物的消化吸收

#花旗参 #补气、提神


• 增加肠道的张力,促进排便

• 具杀菌作用,抑制坏菌增长

Direction of use : (13g x 20 sachets)

Dissolve 1 sachet of GREENZ into 200ml of water, shake well and drink immediately.

Take 1-2 times a day before meals.

Intake of 2-2.5 liters of plain water per day is necessary for better results. We know that most of what we eat will be digested and absorbed in the small intestines. What our body cannot use will then be expelled as waste through the colon.But few of us fully realize the harmful effects of processed foods in our modern diet that create a lot of toxins in the body and leads to the deterioration of digestive system. If the above conditions are not addressed, it will affect the absorption of nutrients which really means we won’t get the goodness from our food. Furthermore, intestinal health will surely be impacted and long term damage may result in chronic disease.

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