CryoBac 193 益生菌 及 益菌素 Prebiotic & Probiotic【您肠胃及免疫力的救星!】
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CryoBac193 Probiotics Insaan - 1pack (2g x 30 sachets)

Probiotics are little GUARDs for health that occur naturally inside human body! Stress, drug abuse, antibiotics, inadequate exercise, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking alcohol cause of gut flora imbalance! This leads to harmful bacteria becoming excessive and toxins will start to accumulate. A toxic body environment leads to a series of underlying disease, e.g. obesity, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, colitis and even cancer! Hence, supplementation of probiotics is no longer a luxury but a need in these days of prevalent toxins!

- The only 1 in the world manufactured using Europe patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology

- 9 strains of proprietary probiotics from human origin

- 3 target zones (Stomach; Intestines; Colon)

Function: -

- Maintain the balance of intestinal flora

- Reduce gastro-intestinal discomfort and constipation

- Prevent Candida Infections and promote genital health

- Suppress the growth of harmful bacteria

- Strengthen immune function

- Aid in digestion and nutrient absorption


Why CryoBac 193?

- Colon Care New Formula

– Probiotics and prebiotics blends!

- Specially selected from human colostrum, the body’s first and most suitable probiotics!

- Enhanced Count – Pro-Active 5 Billion CFU Probiotics!

- Proven Stability – Resistant to gastric, bile acid, high temperature!

- Added with prebiotics, stimulate the growth and survival of probiotics in the gut!

- Enhanced with dietary fiber, stimulate intestinal peristalsis!

- 100% natural, safe and effective and convenient on-the-go sachets!


什么是 CryoBac 193 益生菌?


1 - 全世界唯一採用欧洲高科技抗冻技术配方保护益菌活性

9 - 9 种源自于人体的益生菌 3 - 高科技确保安全护送益菌群到

3 个目标部位(胃、小肠、大肠)

活性成分: 益生菌、果胶、菊苣纤维、多醣、芹菜粉、大麦粉、寡果糖、芦荟汁粉、柠檬果汁粉


- 维持肠道菌丛平衡

- 减缓肠胃不适及便秘

- 女性:预防念珠菌感染(白带问题)和促进生殖健康

- 抑制害菌的繁殖

- 增强免疫功能(尤其是对于习惯性服用抗生素者)

- 帮助消化和营养吸收


为何选择 CryoBac 193 益生菌?

- 肠道保健新配方:综合益生菌(Probiotic)及益菌素(Prebiotic)!

- 特选自人乳培植的益生菌,是人体最初及合适的益生菌!

- 增强体内益菌数量:五十亿CFU活性益生菌!

- 效力稳定:预防益菌群受到胃酸、胆汁、体内高温所破坏!

- 添加益菌素增加效益,促进益菌成长及高存活于肠道!

- 添加膳食纤维,促进肠道蠕动!

- 100%天然、安全、有效!


食用方法: (2g x 30包) 每天食用1包,加入温水或果汁摇匀后即可饮用。建议空腹食用效果为最佳。

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